Snake Safety Seminars

The Jabiru Wildlife Snake Safety Seminar provides employees, professionals and corporate groups, with a comprehensive 90-120 minute seminar on avoiding and managing interactions with Australian snake species. The principal aim of the presentation is mitigating snake bite risk in the workplace, along with correct application of current First Aid techniques, should a negative interaction occur. All sessions are run by Chris, a qualified Biologist with over 15 years of industry experience in management, handling and training, to ensure safe and professional learning outcomes are achieved. Tailored to suit individual industry requirements, our seminars ensure both employers, and employees develop appropriate skills in managing potential snake bite situations. Seminars can be undertaken at a venue of your choice.

Primary Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify potential risks associated with snakes in/around the workplace
  • Improved understanding of snake behaviour
  • Mitigate the likelihood of a negative interaction
  • Learn appropriate snake bite First Aid technique

Rate: $95 per attendee (minimum 10 persons/maximum 20 persons)

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